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Understanding the Basics of the Scanning Electron Microscope

Educational Guide


Since the scanning electron microscope (SEM) was first commercialized about 40 years ago the SEM has shown remarkable progress. Now many types of SEMs are being used and their performance and functions differ greatly from each other. To utilize these SEMs it is essential to recognize their features, as well as understand the reasons for the contrast of SEM images. Jeol has produced a document aimed at helping SEM users and future SEM users to understand the basics of the SEM, including the instrument principles, specimen preparation and elemental analysis.

SEM and TEM Accessories from Agar Scientific

Product Application

Agar Scientific

Full details of magnetic field cancelling systems that provide an effective solution for dampening ambient magnetic fields, allowing high-resolution performance of TEM, SEM and FEG SEM instruments. The system comprises of a magnetic field control unit, magnetic field sensor and three multicore cables. The SC22 system includes a magnetic field control unit, an AC magnetic field sensor and three multicore cables. It automatically responds to field changes within 100 μs. The SC22 does not cancel DC field changes from sources such as elevators, trains and traffic. For higher level fields, and where there is a DC component to the fields, the model SC20 should be chosen. Also included are details of water chillers that provide a cooling source for the diffusion pump and lenses of electron microscopes.

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