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Fast Imaging of Cellular Spheroids with Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy

Technical Article


In this article, an application of the commercially available high-resolution light-sheet-based microscope, Lightsheet Z.1 from ZEISS, to the investigation of large cultured organotypic tissues, so-called cellular spheroids is presented. Light sheet fluorescence microscopy enables scientists to image large spheroidal cell cultures with high frame rate and low light exposure. Additionally, the light-scattering characteristic of large spheroid cell cultures can be efficiently circumvented by dual side illumination and Multiview imaging. Lightsheet Z.1 combines the advantages of a light sheet microscope with easy specimen mounting, full experimental control and robust image processing tools provided by ZEN imaging software. This makes Lightsheet Z.1 a perfect tool for imaging of large and highly scattering specimens. The high acquisition rate and simple specimen preparation enable imaging of many samples in a short amount of time. Furthermore, the Lightsheet Z.1 is shown to be a tool for the development of novel assays in infectious disease biology.

Micro-CT for In-Vivo Imaging

Product Application

Bruker microCT

SkyScan systems from Bruker microCT allow you to cut virtual sections or even fly through samples non-destructively. No preparation, coating or vacuum treatment is needed. Bruker microCT microtomography is available in a range of easy-to-use desktop instruments, which generate 3D images of a sample’s morphology and internal microstructure with resolution down to the sub-micron level. Software for visualization and analysis in 3D is included with all SkyScan systems.

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