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Combining Raman Microscopy with Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) to Study Inorganic and Mineral Samples

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With the support of Renishaw, The Geological Institute of Romania, located in Bucharest, is performing high resolution analysis on geological samples using energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) and Raman spectroscopy. The Geological Institute of Romania is famous for its museum which hosts a collection of more than 80,000 samples of rocks, fossils and minerals from all over Romania. Oana-Claudia Barbu and Daniel Bîrgăoanu are both PhD students and research assistants in the electron microscopy laboratory, known as MICROCOSMOS, where they study inorganic and mineral samples. They use Renishaw’s structural and chemical analyser (SCA) interface to bring the Raman analysis capabilities of the inVia™ confocal Raman microscope to their scanning electron microscope (SEM). The inVia and SCA interface provide an in-SEM analytical technique that allows co-located chemical information and the flexibility of a fully functioning Raman microscope.

Atom Probe Tomography for The Nanoscale Characterization of Geological Materials

Application Note


In this application note, CAMECA describe the analysis of a 4.4 billion year old zircon using atom probe tomography (APT). Atom Probe Tomography (APT) is a powerful and promising elemental and isotopic analysis technique for the nanoscale characterization of geological and extraterrestrial materials. The only physical evidence from the earliest phases of Earth’s evolution comes from zircons, ancient mineral grains that can be dated using the U–Th–Pb geochronometer. Unfortunately, the accuracy of the zircon ages can be biased by poorly understood processes of intracrystalline Pb mobility.

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